Monday, June 17, 2019

How Virgin Atlantic Advertise itself in the UK and Los Angeles Essay

How parvenu Atlantic Advertise itself in the UK and Los Angeles - Essay ExampleFor a large and successful disposal like Virgin Atlantic, the company uses various modes of advertising depending on the location or place where it tries to target. The type of advertisements or promotional strategies used depends on the setting of the cultural barriers, language, attitudes of people towards such factors like advertising, advertising regulations and media infrastructures. In Los Angeles, Virgin Atlantic mainly advertises through the radio, photographic print advertisements and publications. The succeeding(a) figure shows some of the print advertisements used in USA by the company. Figure 1 Print Advertisements in USA (Source Virgin Atlantic, Print Advertisements) The company has recently launched its second cast of its global advertising campaign in Los Angeles. This has been titled as Get Local. This campaign targeted the out of home advertisements which included bill boards, train shelters, buses, etc that runs in the top gateways in the US. This primary includes Los Angeles on with New York, Washington D C, San Francisco and Boston. This is a perfect picture of an adaptation strategy by the company as it not only highlights particular aspects of the upper classes flying experiences but also tailored to present certain nuances that resonate in the city in which they appear. The following is an example of an advertisement of Virgin Atlantic in Los Angeles. Figure 2 Example of advertisement of Virgin Atlantic in Los Angeles (Source Virgin Atlantic-b, GET topical anaesthetic CAMPAIGN) Following is an example of an advertisement used by Virgin Atlantic in UK. Figure 3 Print Advertisement in UK (Source Virgin Atlantic-a, UK Advertisements) In 2003, Virgin Atlantic used e-mail marketing for the creation of a new standard of upper class air travel which had lie-down beds along with personal services in the upper class cabins. E-mail alerts were sent to the air tr avellers having a hypertext which directed them to the website of Virgin Atlantic. Under this system customers were able to scratch a complete look at the cabins which were introduced, the ticket options available and the check routes also. The idea was to attract the upper classes of passengers to pay for the premium prices by the exclusivity and comfort that the new cabins provided. Virgin Atlantics integrated communication schemes used membership schemes with benefits that enhanced the name of the chump considerably and helped in increasing the happiness and satisfaction of the customers also (Hackley, p.128). in that location are certain standardized marketing elements used by the airline for all places. These global marketing elements include its logo, brand value and distinctive airplanes. The brand value of the airline as caring, honest, value, fun, innovative, is found in all its communication and strategies. However, certain adaptive formats are evident in its accompanyi ng internationalistic advertisements where it tries to translate its brand themes in certain culturally specific ways and at the same time tries to retain its international image. For example, it tries to draw passengers from Los Angeles through its bright, lush and

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